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        In 1984, Mitsubishi Rayon Company was the first company in the world to develop CLEANSUI, a home water purifier which adopts hollow-fiber membrane. With Mitsubishi Rayon's expertise and background in polymer technology, its continual research and development activities, CLEANSUI has since then been one of the market leaders in Japan . The Group is proud to lead the industry in offering a complete assortment of high-performance water purifiers, ranging from faucet-mounted and under-sink types to industrial-use types.

       The hollow fiber membrane STERAPORE is also used in medical and industrial areas, including water supply and water treatment facilities, the condensate filter equipment of power plant turbines, and ultra-filtration hand-washing units for hospital operating rooms. In addition, the Group is pursuing the development of water- and environment-related businesses from a global perspective, having established joint ventures that are involved in the manufacture and sale of hollow fiber membrane elements in China , expected to be a fast-growing market.

       The Group is also taking advantage of its unexcelled manufacturing technology to develop a variety of engineering businesses. Leveraging its peerless membrane technology, it offers water treatment systems and the DIAMARS for treating oil-bearing waste. The Group provides totally integrated engineering systems, ranging from planning through maintenance, in area after area, including a broad range of chemical plants, food-processing plants, machinery systems, and waste processing systems. Capitalizing on its extensive experience in building plants abroad, the Group also provides engineering services to Japanese companies operating overseas.

        Looking at the scale of the business segments in the Mitsubishi Rayon Group, this shows that CLEANSUI is the product of a large establishment, the Mitsubishi Rayon Group, and is well supported by the Group's research and development expertise. Always looking for ways to deliver better CLEANSUI products to the society, thus fulfilling its promise of "Best Quality for a Better Life" for everyone.

About Mitsubishi Rayon Group

        Mitsubishi Rayon Group is committed to the creation of unique, high-quality products and services that contribute to the good of society as a whole. This management philosophy is encapsulated in the watchword "Best Quality for a Better Life" .

       Mitsubishi began life in 1933 as a manufacturer of rayon staple. Over the decades, the Company has accumulated valuable know-how in the manufacture of synthetic fibers and resins. Mitsubishi Rayon leveraged on the resultant expertise in polymer technology to move into hollow-fiber membranes, and branched into aqua-sustainability products like water purifiers.

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