Price: 31,500 Bath


MP02-4Commercial Use
Size (Width x Depth x Height,mm)160x102x300
Weight (when filled with warter)1,700g(3,000g)
Inital water flow (Litres / minute)8.0 litres/min
Operating pressure0.07 ~ 0.35MPa
Optimun filtration50,000 litres
Lifespan10-12 Months at 136 liters daily (subject to quality of water and water pressure)
  • High-performance cartridge can remove the minute particles as 0.1 micrometer in tap water.
  • Rich water flow rate to protect the working efficiency.
  • With economy, high flow cartridge.


Recline settings can 
save space.
Can be set in series. 
According to the use 
of cartridges, for each 



Commercial use water purifiers are widely used in many fields.

Ice machine, water dispenser, coffee maker, cooking etc.